Virginia Tech out of state chances


I will apply from out of state (Maryland)
Here are my stats:.
SAT: 1340 (690 Math, 650 Reading)
APS: 8 (Government, Lang, World History, AP Computer Science, AP Calculus, Macro Econ. Micro Econ, Literature)
GPA: Unweighted 3.7, Weighted: 4.3
ECs:. 4 years Varsity Tennis, 1 year Varsity Poms, 1 year Boys’ Varsity Tennis Manager, Forensics 3 years (3rd place finalist winner in Prose), Lead in summer theater production

Volunteer Hours: 175

Summer College Course Credits: Video Game Design course (Marist College)
Kinesiology Course (University of Maryland)

You didn’t mention your major.

Anything but engineering don’t see you having any trouble. Engineering your in the 50/50 range probably.

We have similar stats, though I’m OOS technically from California. I think you have a good shot, even for Engineering!