Virginia Tech Presidential Scholarship requirements?

<p>Before submitting my offer of admission I received an email as well as a letter notifying me that I received the Presidential scholarship. I was told they used the FAFSA info to determine the eligibility for it. My question is: How low must your family's income be for you to receive it? My dad was earning enough to get by and that is what probably helped me out a lot. However, I think that he is earning a little bit more and I feel like it might make a difference. Also I was working at the time but forgot to put how much I earned on the FAFSA form as well. Also, after I submitted the FAFSA form it didn't let me make corrections for a while and I was going to correct it but forgot to after the 3-4 days. Would that make a significant impact? I feel like they would think I hid it from them but I honestly forgot and I'm worried that the money I earned may have an impact as to whether or not I can keep the scholarship. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read my long post as well as offer any help.</p>

<p>I'm not sure anyone here knows enough about the process to comment. I'm sure that everyone here is very jealous of you, however. Congratulations! You must be a pretty special individual to have received it; keep it up :-)</p>

<p>This is most likely something that's best taken up with the committee.</p>