Virginia Tech seeks to make diversity and inclusion an ideological litmus test for tenure

I didn’t know VA Tech was so preoccupied with political correctness.

That article does show that our educational system is breaking down. For example, the author apparently doesn’t understand what a “litmus test” is.

There are definitely sects of Virginia Tech that fit what this article is trying to say - but not all. It’s completely possible that this is changing with the new President, Provost, and somewhat new VP of Student Affairs. From first hand experience, most of the Division of Student Affairs (due to the direction of the VP of Student Affairs) and obviously parts the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences are very into diversity and inclusion and other buzzwords. Although it’s been 2 years since I left, I still think that Tech is big enough that you don’t have to deal with these things too much depending on your major and what areas of the university you get involved in.