Virginia Tech Transfer Fall 2020

Is anyone planning to transfer to VT in Fall 2020? If so, put your stats below!

I recently finished CS Associates from NVCC. GPA 3.25 and hoping to get into tech through GAA.

Also, does anyone know how Tech calculates the GPA. I’ve already completed my associates and also taken some extra classes(transferable to tech) and I was wondering whether VT would include these extra classes in the GPA calculations.

My situation is a bit complicated. I went to two different schools:
NOVA (fa’17 - spr’18)
GPA - 1.8

LFCC (spr’19-spr’2020)
GPA - 3.75
Dean’s list each semester
PTK Honor Society member as of fa’19 and to today

So obviously I’m doing great at my current community college, but I’m afraid my past will come back and bite me. I did get a D and F while at NOVA, but neither of those courses are being used to graduate at LFCC. According to GAA, all of the courses intended for you major have to be C and above.

Since both courses I took were at a different school (and aren’t being used) will that be enough to deny me as GAA (and possibly deny acceptance)?

Hi everyone,
So I received my decision letter last week and I got in for Fall 20 transfer
Virginia western community college
GPA 3.92
PTK active member
I’ve taken all the required courses for my major at tech (nanomedicine) plus extra calculus course since the advisor at tech said it’s highly recommended and it’ll higher my chance in getting in

the portals will be updated on April 15th as they stated in the letter!!

wishing you all the best

Congratulations TarekHA

Does anyone know if the transfer decisions are coming in march this year. I was reading a thread from 2018 about transfer students and it seemed like some people got their decisions in march.

Maybe…just hopefully people will find out today especially with RD coming out yesterday.

i dont think we will find out this early, applications were due 6 days ago… i know it’s a long wait :confused:

April 15 is the transfer results deadline. Expect that VT will keep to that schedule.

the results deadline is april 1 at 5 pm actually :slight_smile: so earlier!

I actually called VT admission office and they told me that the result deadline is April 15th. Initially they said it’s April 1st but then i asked them to recheck because on their website it mentions both dates. The lady i talked to told me it is indeed 15th.

will we find out earlier? with this covid thing, there’s no way in saying when we will hear back.

last year, it was April 1st and they also sent out a few around march 21 so fingers crossed.

Welp guess today wasn’t the day can only hope for next Friday since April 1st is a Wednesday!

Freshman business major transfer from RIT. First semester GPA of 3.13. Hoping to transfer into Pamplin as a BIT major. Hoping the decision comes out soon !

I’m currently a freshman engineering major at JMU here are my stats:

GPA: 3.313
Freshman Engineering Design Grade: A-
Physics I Grade: A
Physics I Lab Grade: A
Calculus I Grade: B

I’m also an active member in my chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers and I managed to get an engineering internship this summer. I got waitlisted out of highschool so I’ve worked so so hard this go around and I’ve been freaking out ever since January when I submitted. If anyone knows my chances please let me know.

i would say, as long as you have all the courses required on your VT major roadmap and your gpa is atleast 3.0, you should be okay, from what i’ve heard…

If anyone can chance me, that would be great!

Current School: GMU
Year: Freshman Year (Class of 2023)
Major: Finance (Pamplin)
GPA (from first semester): 3.0
-Intro Soci: C
-Intro Bio: B
-Communications: A
-Microecon: B+
-Business Calc: B
Courses In Progress:
Eng101, Acct203, Econ104, Bus100, Thr101

With a large freshman class this year - and so many waitlisted in admissions this year - doing any kind of prediction on Transfers would be impossible.