Virginia Tech vs University of Delaware

It’s down to two. VT and UD. Chemical engineering major OOS for both. Anyone have strong pros and cons for either? Which would you pick?

You haven’t mentioned any cost, location or other considerations. So disregarding those factors - UDel has a much stronger Chem Engg. program.
I would pick that.

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Delaware #9 US News. Va Tech not even one of the 28 they rate.

Cost matters. Environment matters. Do you want to be in the mountains ? An enormous (and gorgeous) campus. Closer to big cities ? Weather? Distance to home ? Cost ?

Only you can make this decision.

Good luck.

4k difference VT more expensive

Ok. So almost the same or is $4k a lot to you. That’s typically considered not much unless both are a stretch.

What’s better for you after you’ve been ?

For those who know and most prob don’t, Delaware the better name in ChemE but Va Texh better known overall.

Honestly they r different. And u should have a preference after visiting.

I think that’s the struggle… great vibe at both campuses…. 4k difference is doable… VT is further … has better sports…
Chem engineering is better at UD but VT maybe more well known?
I put it out there in case someone felt strongly about one or the other. The spreadsheet of pros and cons are 50/50!
Thanks for your help!

If you are sure about chem e, I’d choose UDel. They have amazing industry connections.

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Taking chemical engineering off the table now which is the stronger school? General engineering…

If you take chem e off the table, then I think VT has a stronger reputation.


To me this isn’t a problem.

Choose door A. You love the school. Choose door B. You love the school.

You win either way.

Both are great schools. But sounds like Udel is near elite for chem e and will be better at vacation time…save some hours getting home.

Bit if you love the mountains and big big big time sports Va Tech is great. And if you do ChemE there it will be fine too !

Let’s say you don’t do ChemE and you do MechE or Business or Poli Sci….they’re still both great.

You love both.

Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes? You win either way.

Pick one. Out of a hat. Flip a coin. Let mom choose.

Another thing you can do. Take all the elements on your spreadsheet. Rank them. So you have 10 things.

Maybe location is #1 Give the winner 10 points. Maybe campus size is #3. and you prefer smaller. Give the winner 8 points. Access to home #10? Give the winner 1 point.

In another words, weight each category and your 50/50 will move. Maybe Sports is less important than weather etc. btw both have sports. One is just big time vs smaller scale.

Bottom line….you love it no matter what u pick. So grab one, go, and have a great four years.

You win either way !!


You are right about all of it. Thank you.