Virginia Tech Waitlist

rejected from the waitlist? i have not heard anything yet.

My son received an update to his portal tonight saying the waitlist is closed.

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What does “waitlist is closed” mean? They won’t take anymore waitlists? Coz I haven’t received any such thing?

@wewereonabreak Check your application portal and also check to see if you might have an email from VT in your junk email folder (be sure to check the email address you initially gave them). Those are your 2 most likely locations to find that info if it’s posted. You can always try and contact admissions as well to see if they have official word on whether the waitlist is closed overall or if those messages people are referencing are because the waitlist for their major is closed.

Yeah I checked, nothing in Spam or Trash and I don’t have a status update in my portal. I did email them though.

So here is their response;

“Not everyone has been released. You remain on the waitlist and will receive an update no later than July 1.”

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@wewereonabreak Glad they got back to you so quickly. So it sounds like they emailed people first and then followed with a “wait list closed” status update on the portal of those who were emailed. So it might not mean whole majors have been closed.

i THINK SO TOO… although my major was General Engineering so idk what to say, bc I thought Gen Eng majors had closed. the only thong I can say is it got confusing haha,.

Sounds like good news to me!

I know, but i guess they are doing kind of like KO round hahaha.

I know this is an old thread so maybe no one will see this, but I got waitlisted this year and I’m wondering how many people here who got off the waitlist also reached out to admissions. Virginia Tech says they don’t want continued letters of interest but I’ve heard from some people they sent those anyway and later were accepted off the waitlist. Could be a coincidence or did reaching out help? Did anybody not write or call admissions and was accepted off the waitlist? I am wondering what I should do. Will it look like I can’t follow directions if I reach out or will it make a difference?

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My money is on coincidence.

Unless you have a specific contact name in admissions, my money is on your note going into the round file once opened. Best advice is to start getting better acquainted with your other options. Lots of students thrive at the 2nd choice school.

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Any idea when they start pulling from waitlist?

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Hey, also a waitlisted applicant for fall 2022. Tech is my dream school so im hoping to get off but good luck to you!!!


Was wondering if anyone has been pulled off the waitlist yet? Waitlisted for Bio

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Dong think so . May be this month -they will ?

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