Virginia Tech Waitlist

Hi All,

I got waitlisted by my top choice, Virginia Tech, this year. I am an in-state student planning to major in bio. Does anyone have any idea when I might hear my waitlist decision? Thanks!

Sorry to say, but u should start deciding between the other schools u got into.

I heard they started taking people off already.

Pulls are by department - so seeing some departments start pulling doesn’t mean others are to that point yet.

Hey y’all I’m from Northern VA and I got waitlisted for University studies (undecided) I applied for ED and I got deferred at first. Hoping that I’ll get off the waitlist for this department

Do you or does anyone know if there’s a particular order for major in which they pull people? I applied international studies and was wondering how long it would take me to hear something if there were any spots at all.

There is no order to waitlist pulls. It all depends on how the department is trending in acceptances where they see its time to go to the waitlist. It can be early in the process or at the very end. No way to predict.

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Is there a wave getting off the waitlist after the deposit deadline?

I have heard they have started pulling and unfortunately my daughter hasn’t heard even though she has heard students with similar or even lower stats were offered admission (Business undecided)

absolutely - its after deadline that most pulls start happening. Stats are one part of admission and can’t be a predictor.

Thank you. And I included the criteria VT says is used for admissions in ‘stats’. At this point we think her essays must have completely missed what they are looking for. We keep telling her she just needs to make the best of where she has has been admitted. She actually was admitted to every other college she applied to including one reach school - GW - but of course cost is a big factor there.

Is there anyone that is in university studies (undecided) that has gotten off the waitlist or is admitted with that major that is not planning to go to tech? I am currently waitlisted with that major and have been waiting since early decision

very small fraction here to make any kind of determination

It’s not fair that tech accepted half of the transfers that they normally do this year. Hopefully VT takes applicants off the transfer waitlist :frowning:

Not fair? How is fair determined. With this past Covid year and a ton more applications it just a fact that admission is harder. Overall there will be more students admitted this year then last year (more dorm space). So its not a matter of fair its a matter of high demand.

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The writing was already on the wall during last year’s admissions cycle that transfer admits would likely be reduced for Fall 2021. I’m sure VT is not unique in this regard. Accepted students who took deferral offers last year combined with the economic reality of 4 years of tuition collected vs. 2 or 3 will always bend favor away from transfer admits.

A word of advice to any seniors still holding out hope for Tech. It’s fine to keep your options open but commit wholeheartedly to where you’ve been admitted and is your next choice. What you do there is far more important than the school itself. If you do get off the waitlist you’ll have a choice but for now put it out of your mind and focus on where you have been admitted.


I know this is an extremely small group but it looks like no one is waiting for Tech any more. I think they may be done anyway because I haven’t heard of anyone getting off the waitlist since May 1st. My daughter is now reconciled to going to JMU and we are very happy for her. Best of luck to everyone.

Just got an email saying I was rejected. Good luck to everyone