Virginia Wesleyan College for law school admission?

I am a high school senior with a 3.1 gpa, I got a 1240 on my SAT (new). I received a call from Virginia Wesleyan College indicating they were willing to offer me an $88,000 scholarship to attend their college. Is there any chance I could get into law school from this school (assuming my gpa and LPAT were great)? If so, is a good one out of the question? Thanks for the help!

Law school admissions are pretty much LSAT and GPA. Based on your HS info you’ll need to do much better in college to get into a good law school. And we’ll see what the market is like for lawyers then. Make sure you major in something that you like so you’ll do well and have something to fall back in if Law School doesn’t work out.

Definitely. I ideally want to study economics, because it interests me and is marketable. However since it’s not offered at VWC I would probably study political science which is a passion of mine, though more limited in what I can do with it. Thank you for the advice!

To which colleges have you applied?
What’s your net cost with the scholarship at Virginia Wesleyan?

@thatguy1776 Congratulations! We also got a large scholarship offer from VWU. I will say that one of Yale’s current legal counselors (attorneys) is a VWU undergrad. UVA law school, and she’s worked at WashU and Duke. VWU certainly didn’t hold her back.