Virginia Wesleyan University--Class of 2025

Has anyone applied to the Batten Honors College? Have you attended the Nov 6 or Nov 13 Competition? If so, can you please tell me how it was? What did you participate in? Was it stressful? I would love to hear the good and the bad. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

My kid is a senior at VWU and is part of the first cohort for the Batten Honors College. I’m not sure what the competition is like now but for them, there were several social gatherings, small group interviews, and breakout sessions. I’d say the kids who are willing to speak up and interact with the various faculty/leadership and bond with the other students at the competition have a better shot of being selected. BHC has been a great experience for my kid. They have done 2 trips away (Alaska and Mexico) and were in the midst of a semester abroad in Costa Rica when COVID happened. They also obtained a great internship between sophomore and junior year that will turn into a full time job/career after they get a master’s degree.

Thank you so much for replying! Congratulations to your son! It sounds like a terrific opportunity. Can I ask what your son’s major is?
My son was accepted into BHC for Fall 2021 and wants to major in the pre-engineering program with Old Dominion University.

Congrats to your son! It’s been a positive experience for my daughter. She’s had lots of opportunities and some great mentors. She’s majoring in Earth and Environmental Science at VWU. Her internship/pathways program is with NCRS/USDA and she’ll be going for a Master’s in Soil Science eventually.

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Oops, sorry…congratulations to your daughter, not son!! We are hoping to get to VWU to tour campus in the next few weeks!