Virtual Tour - Virgina Tech Information for prospective students

Virginia Tech has posted a lot of Virtual Tour information and continues to update this site for proseptive students.

Announcement from VT:

As you think about your first day on campus, you may want to have another opportunity to talk to current students, faculty, and staff.

Since you can’t come to us due to COVID-19 precautions, we want to bring campus to you! This Saturday, April 4th, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will host a number of live events online to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about being a Hokie.

Check out what’s coming to you on this page! You will use that same link on April 4th to watch live events starting at 9:00am. We hope that you will join us and learn more about being a Virginia Tech Hokie. Registration for this event is not required so make sure you are there on Saturday, April 4th!


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Just curious, how many families are considering making an in person visit a requirement?

As of now, of the 8 schools my daughter is considering offers from, 4 are offering in person visits. 4 are only doing virtual as of now. One of those 4 we were lucky enough to visit just before COVID last February. That leaves 3 schools that are not allowing visits.

I’m not sure we can make that sort of a financial commitment based on anything virtual. My daughter thinks the in person visits are critical, and my oldest picked her school only after visiting all of the schools she was interested in, and she picked a different school than she would have if she had never visited.

I know for some schools (like Virginia Tech), there is a large amount of students who will opt to go to the college, sight unseen (or have already seen it being local). As an OOS student, this just seems very difficult, picking a school only based on videos and rankings, but not having a feel for the campus, the other students, and so forth.

I’m hoping some of these schools open up visits in April, before it’s too late.
Safety isn’t really much of a risk if admitted students only are visiting in small groups, outdoors only, with masks.

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