Virtual Tour

Some instagram accounts to check out (I am not allowed to post this many links on here, so search Instagram for these accounts):

Theatre and dance department: tadafredonia

Performing arts club: fredoniapac

Theatre fraternity: fredoniaalphapsi-omega


(And my son’s acapella group theguerrillasfred :heart:)

@lovetoact, how does your son like SUNY Fredonia’s program? My son was redirected to their BA program and has received a couple of good scholarships from them as of today. He is just unsure if there is an opportunity for cross over. He really wants to work on his dance and keep developing his singing.

@Sonnie323 My son graduated in May with a BFA in Acting but his girlfriend graduated BFA MT so he’s also familiar with the MT program. He said that you can get two opportunities to audition for the MT BFA. So if your son settles in at Fredonia and wants to audition once more while he’s there, he can. It’s no guarantee and he knows kids who’ve done that and not been admitted to the BFA on their second try either. He says there will definitely be dance training and performance opportunities but departmental voice training for non-MTs is not as widely available. It is a music school so there are voice professors/teachers in the area, as well as music students who he may be able to pay privately if he wants to work on his voice. My son was in an acapella group (there are several at Fredonia) and he feels that joining one of those groups is a good way to stay connected to singing. Your son will have the opportunity to audition for all department shows (and dance performances as well), both plays and musicals. They also have a vibrant student run performing arts company that produces shows. My son’s heart belongs to Fredonia and he was devastated to have his last semester cut short because of the pandemic. It was the absolute best choice for him and if your son chooses Fredonia, he’ll fall in love with it too!

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