Vision and Dental Plan?

<p>So I believe I have to purchase FSU health-insurance, but I know they don't have a vision or dental plan included in the $1415 per yr plan. Does anyone know if they have an option that includes vision and dental?</p>

<p>I may be wrong, but I believe the FSU health insurance ONLY covers HEALTH. The more expensive allow the insurance to be used to other places that accepts Blue Cross, not just Thagard. Somebody please clarify?</p>

<p>I got this from the FAQ.</p>

<p>"Q: Is there a vision or dental plan?</p>

<p>A:No dental coverage for routine dental care is included in the medical plan.Vision care is included in the medical plan as a discount plan.You must enroll in the Davis Vision discount plan to take advantage of this benefit.Instructions for accessing vision care are posted at the Insurance Information page of the student insurance web site: [Insurance</a> Home Page](<a href=“”> .</p>

<p>Humana provides independent dental and vision care for FSU students.The plan is not connected to the FSU-sponsored health insurance plans.Click on the Insurance Information page.Scroll down to the Quick Links at the bottom of the page to the Humana link.If Humana gets your premium by the 15th of this month, your plan will begin the first of next month and run for 12 months." Hope it helps.</p>