Visit student's city while student away!

<p>Ah, the best laid plans--I guess I plan too well for my own good! I'm off to meetings in DC & figured it would be nice to stop in LA & visit with S at his school. I confirmed with him that he was planning to be in LA that weekend.</p>

<p>Today, I called & asked him about the snow in LA & he said that a ski trip has just come up the weekend I will be in LA! Oh well, hubby & I told him to go ahead & enjoy the ski trip & I'd enjoy my visit with my best friend, who lives in LA anyway. Funny how things work out (or don't) anyway. :)</p>

<p>Sometimes, things just evolve. I'm glad he's busy & happy with new experiences. We told him to enjoy because school will probably get a bit more challenging academically later as he takes more advanced classes.</p>

Thanks for the refreshing post. So glad you didn't post about "what does this mean about my relationship with my son" or "can you believe he is doing this to me".<br>
It is not a sign of anything more than the fact that there is snow and he is an adolescent male who wants to have fun with his friends. </p>

<p>Enjoy LA! Laughing about your last sentence, I told my DS the same thing recently. I hope it turns out to be true!</p>

<p>My son is a junior in college, and he has discovered that the courses do indeed get more intense in the later part of college, when everyone is serious about their majors.</p>