Visit to Alfred

<p>Visited Alfred with D yesterday . (senior). Typing this on my iPhone so forgive what are sure to be many errors. D loved the school. The admissions centeris housed in a very old building . The inside is thoroughly modern with incredible artwork! It was our tourguides first tour ever so he was a little rough. He was very informative and willing to answer questions. Really nice student center. Tons of activities. Movies every weekend in the student center theater. D met with a theater prof. Really nice guy. Gave us a tour of the brand spanking new theater ( first show in November). Amazing theater. Pretty campus. D liked the castle where career services is housed.dorms seem like the usual. Didn't go into dining halls. Very small town. Too small for my taste but d seems to think it will be okay.</p>

<p>My daughter is a sophomore at AU in Art and Design. She is also a new tour guide-she may have been the van driver for your tour, as she works on Mondays, and that was her 1st tour. Small world!
She really loves AU, and has never really doubted her decesion to attend AU over other accepted Art schools and other colleges. I am also on the Parents Advisory Board, so if you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

<p>If the kids can get over the size of the town it's a very cool college. I visited with s2 two years ago and talk it up every chance I get. We live in a small town but Alfred is "even smaller." The college does an excellent job of having activities for the kids to do. The employees (including profs) were open, available and that aspect is very positive for the kids.</p>

<p>It does seem like a wonderful school! D really loved it!</p>

<p>Yes, it is a wonderful school, which is one of those "hidden gems". Anybody feel free to send me a PM about Alfred University.</p>

<p>H and I visited in early Sept with our D (Sr). She is interested in the art program. We were very impressed by the art facilities/course offerings and program flexibility. We were also very impressed with the equestrian facilities (an important extra feature). We were, however, a little unsure if the size and setting are a good match for her. Can anyone comment on how the cultural atmosphere that an urban setting has to offer is made up for at a remote campus like Alfred? Are there bus trips to the cities/museums? Also, D is concerned about the food selection/availability. Are there places to get food at any hour? Maybe we missed it, but where is the nearest grocery store to stock up on snacks?</p>

<p>SnLMom, I sent you a Private Message about Alfred University.</p>

<p>D was accepted at Alfred today. she is very excited as it is one of her top choices. I really appreciated that in her acceptance letter they referenced her essay topic! Nice touch!</p>

<p>Holliesue, they are very personal there at AU! It would be difficult to fall into the "cracks"
at Alfred, they want to see everybody graduate in 4 years!</p>

<p>it still remains one of her top choices</p>

<p>D ended up choosing the other school...tough choice...Alfred is a great school, congrats to all who will attend.</p>

<p>There are many positive comments from people who have visited AU, but reading what current students and recent grads have to say will get to the realities. Many students from various colleges feel that they were misled by impressions formed during visits.
Also, lets get comments from folks who have taken majors in Liberal Arts and Sciences - might be different from the Engineering and Fine Arts/ Ceramics schools.</p>