visit to Elizabethtown

<p>Visited E-town with daughter. Seems like a very nice choice. Pretty campus, friendly people. Seems like the honors program would be good for challenging student. D is Definitely considering applying! Any feedback?</p>

<p>It's an okay school. SWEET tries to make activities for students so they won't get bored and the Honors program is really hard to get into. People don't really bother you but news does spread like wildfire since it is a small school. If she does attend, she should keep in mind that everyone seems to know each other (which is good and bad). Teachers can be especially challenging but they seem to care about their students.</p>

<p>We sent in our commitment check Yesterday. My D is now a Blue Jay. Came down to Susquehanna and Etown. It's weird but it is tough turning down such nice schools. Good luck to you and your D Holliesue.</p>

Etown was D’s first choice visited twice and was pretty impressed both times. They even gave us a carrot cake (yum). The campus is lovely, the students seem nice and respective. It took a long time for her to get her honors acceptance letter but she finally got it 2 weeks ago. She got the highest scholarship can’t remember the name of it, but the fin aid package looked more like a loan application than aid assistance. After looking at the stats on the fafsa site the graduation rate was in the 70 percentile. That’s seemed low for a 50k/yr school. decided to take advantage of an instate institution with a full scholarship and honors. She still held on to the memories of etown but I guess that’s her first reality check. Good luck everyone.

My son just sent in his commitment letter to Etown! So excited. He will be entering the Occupational Therapy 5-year masters program with the Presidential scholarship of $24,500 a year for all 5 years. We love the school and know he is going to graduate with more than his license. The professors, staff and students we met over several visits couldn’t have been any more kind or helpful. Good luck!