<p>Does anyone know, or have a link, which can explain the visitation policy? Do family members need to buy certain passes, or have special cards/badges while on campus? Are special parking permits required?</p>

<p>Thing is, my folks and grandparents want to drive with me to walk around campus on the weekend (in a few weeks I think) and we were wondering if we needed to have anything/fill anything out. Also, my folks will probably be driving to campus to pick me up to take me home for some weekends, they were wondering how that works also.</p>

<p>Appreciate any info.</p>

<p>Parking permits yes, for some places/times. But your family needs nothing to get on campus UNLESS they are trying to get on campus after 8pm most nights. In that case, you'll have to call the gatehouse and tell them you're expecting a visitor.</p>

<p>You technically have to call in the gatehouse if its past 8pm, but they really don't care at all. They have this little kiosk with a security person who asks for an ID/reason why you want to go on campus. Last year my parents picked me up a few times and I never called them in. Your parents just have to say "I'm going to pick up my kid." My girlfriend got in as well just saying she was coming to spend the weekend.</p>