visited Nov 06

<p>D1 and I attended Hiram's student visitation day on Nov 11, '06. The weather was miserable...cold and rainy. The football team got clobbered by Wittenberg 35-0 (which was the score at half time!).</p>

<p>The visit was very good. The campus is beautiful. The Hiram folks all day were very personable and frank. D1 visited with profs in pol sci, music and history. Parents met with 3 parents of present students. They offered high praise. It included for two of them some risky situations that their daughters were in and the school and the local police dealt with quickly. Both parents wanted us to know that those things happen in college and that Hiram responded great in dealing with them. One was someone locally hacking into a student web page and turning it into an obscene web site. Another was a young man who got more agressive than the the young woman was comfortable with.</p>

<p>If it was my choice, I would pick Hiram. However, my daughter wants to minor in vocal music and she wasn't impressed with that there.</p>

<p>The facilities at the school are in very good shape. The campus is not small, but compact. The village of Hiram is neat in a quaint fashion. Some of the depts at the college have houses for their offices and classroom. Feels good.</p>

<p>If your daughter is majoring in music , is she an education major ?? Hiram is still incredible for their education degrees . My cousin graduated out of there - with vocal - she sang and toured with the madrigal singers - with a good job in the music dept. of a large school. </p>

<p>Two things to remember about Hiram : They have an unusual schedule called the Hiram Plan . My D just finished her 12 weeks and now she will take one course everyday for three weeks. A lot of students go abroad in their three weeks gaining credits in their fields. Secondly , it is a small school for a music major but the faculty is very accessible , with a lot of individual attention and a lot of confidence that their student will do well.</p>

<p>I did hear that they were adding a nursing school ( their science dept . is the best dept. there ) and some changes are being made to the humanties .</p>

<p>The only complaint is it's extreme ruralness but more kids have cars and help each other out ( Going to some place called Sheetz for hamburgers or Taco Bell in the middle of the night ) . Nearby Aurora has a Starbucks and many venues.</p>