Visiting a school I was waitlisted at...

<p>Hi guys, I was just wondering if visiting a school I was waitlisted at (Exeter) would give them a good impression about me and/or accept me from the waiting list. My parents think it's a good idea (they were the ones who came up with it in the first place) but I think that it might just tell the school how rich my family is and how spoiled I may be just to go to the United States all the way from China during a 10 day vacation (spring break) and thus, it will give them a bad impression. I am very paranoid at the moment, so please try and understand anything crazy I post. :)</p>

<p>I think you are better off reaching out to your interviewer to simply let him/her know that Exeter is your first choice school and that you will come if admitted. A visit to the campus is fine but many admission offices will tell you that they won't make an appointment with waitlisted students until after April 10th.</p>

<p>I was interviewed by an alumni... should I phone/email the school instead?</p>

<p>seikuu, precisely because you live so far and will already be here for spring break, I think that an admission officer would let you come for a revisit. Also, I don't think they will hold it against you because your family can afford it. They are used to families with money, I am sure and do not discriminate or judge a person based on how much or how little money they have.
It can't hurt to ask, and it will show your interest.</p>