Visiting after acceptance-when?

<p>What's the order of things after an acceptance while waiting to hear about the Chancellor's? What should my son be doing right now? When should he schedule a visit? Should he wait to hear about the Chancellor's? </p>


<p>You can certainly visit now or wait until the March and April time frame when they have programs for accepted students. We attended those last year and they were informative. Depending how close you are you could also visit twice!</p>

<p>Thanks, TitanMom. We're clear across the country, so it will only be one visit. :-)</p>



<p>Wait it out. I got accepted to Pitt in January but didn't visit until spring break at the beginning of April. At this point, your S has been accepted and a visit will not really change anything in terms of his application. I would also steer clear of Pitt in the winter, as it can be pretty cold and miserable, and the weather is unpredictable (and we don't want you stuck here during a snow storm!)</p>

<p>My son was in Pittsburgh in March 4 years ago and loved it! That's one big reason why he applied. He thought it was pretty cool that they could drive to Ohio and visit the Football Hall of Fame. :-) Me? I'm a total weather wimp. Give me Sol. Cal. weather anytime. :-)</p>