Visiting Both Lawrence and Beloit?

Has anyone visited both campuses back to back? What would be the best way to travel between schools? Bus? Car rental? We are traveling from the West Coast so I’m thinking it would be nice to make both visits during one trip.

West Coast also. We did separate trips to minimize missed school days. We were able to do an official admitted student event at Beloit over Presidents Day weekend last year, but went independently to Lawrence about a month later (flew directly into Appleton). It would probably be easier and cheaper to rent a car. Bus service in Wisconsin is not that easy. You can take the Van Galder bus from O’Hare to Beloit (the discounted rate for a round trip for current students is $44 so you would pay more). To get to Appleton, you would have to take Van Galder to Madison and then get on a different bus system to get to Appleton. I have no idea what that would cost or how long it would take. If you fly into Milwaukee, I think there is some bus service to Appleton, but to get to Beloit from Milwaukee, you would have to go through Madison and change bus companies as well. My D15 ended up at Beloit and regularly takes the Van Galder Bus to/from South Beloit plus a taxi or school shuttle to or from the bus stop.

Fly into Rockford IL, rent a car, drive to Beloit, then drive to Appleton. It’s only 2.5 hours between the two.

We flew to O’Hare. Beloit isn’t too far from there. Lawrence is very close to Appleton Airport and also close to Green Bay Airport. We drove from Beloit to Appleton and took a break in Madison.