Visiting CMU

<p>Anyone out there have a kid who has visited CMU and has had the chance to sit in on/observe classes in drama and MT? I am having a heck of a time getting the person at the Drama Dept. to respond to calls and email requesting that they help us set up a time to do just that.
I was told by the very friendly and courteous people at the regular admissions office that I needed to speak directly to someone at the dept of drama, and they forwarded me. I got voicemail, and left a polite message asking for a call or email back. No response. I then emailed this individual. No response. So I called again (this is taking place over a week plus.) Again, voicemail. I then redialed the regular admissions office and again got a terrifically nice young woman who said that the person I am trying to reach is the right one, and she was not sure what to tell me to do. Any ideas? I hate to start this whole journey by being The Woman Who Bugged CMU’s Dept. of Drama office! :slight_smile: But our situation is such that we really do need to plan a trip quite a bit ahead of time, which means <em>soon</em>!
Perhaps this person is out sick, but even if she is, wouldn’t you think someone would be taking the calls? I am not sure what to do, and, again don’t want to be a pain. Suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!</p>