Visiting Cornell - EMERGENCY

<p>I'd like to drive up to Cornell for a tour. On the Cornell site, it says that all tours start at Day Hall. Problem is... I don't know how to get to Day Hall.</p>

<p>Is there an address that I can use to type into a GPS?</p>

<p>You can't park at Day Hall anyway. Get to campus, find visitor parking, then ask for directions to walk to Day Hall.</p>

<p>No ... you can not drive to Day Hall (at least you couldn't eons ago) ... when you park at the edge of campus there are campus maps that show you where Day Hall is ... which is about midway down the main drag of the campus. This might help ... Cornell</a> University - Maps - Campus Map .. Day Hall is on East Ave (and has a blue marker on it)</p>

<p>:( The directions tell me to get on Campus Road from Stewart Ave. Would I pass by parking lots or meters on the way to Day Hall?</p>

<p>Also, the only day that we can go to Ithaca happens to be Cornell's graduation day. Would that place any problems on tours or available parking spaces?</p>

<p>Did you check if they are running tours on that specific day? (I'd be surprised if they run tours on graduation day) If you're headed to campus anywhere near graduation time I would expect parking to be a big problem (something like 4000 people are graduating). There are security booths when you get to the edge of campus ... the security guards can point you to parking ... I'd suggest getting there pretty early you might need to walk about a mile to get to Day Hall after parking.</p>

<p>I didn't even know my family wanted to go to Ithaca until a couple hours ago. D: So no, I didn't check. But on the site, it didn't say anything about no tours on graduation day. Cornell</a> University - The Ithaca Campus - Walking Tours of Campus</p>

<p><em>headdesks</em> Walk an hour.....!! I'd have to leave home at like 5am to make the tour....if there is a tour.... D:</p>

<p>if you get to stewart, there are spots with meters. it's 25 cents an hour and like $2.25 for the whole day, so just bring coins and walk up the hill and you'll be okay. or take the bus for $1.50 up</p>

<p>o_o I thought meters only last for 1-hour intervals.</p>

<p>Are these meters near the intersection of Stewart and Campus Road? Because I'm assuming it'd be a VERY long walk to Day Hall even from the intersection.</p>

<p>the parking situation could be all weird/crowded because of graduation. I don't remember whether there is metered parking on Stewart around there, but it's a possibility. there is also parking on West Ave in front of the dorms that you might consider. </p>

<p>it's not that long of a walk by Cornell standards. it's basically the back of West campus up to one of the closer parts of central campus. I walked further to my first class every weekday this semester (and I lived and learned in pretty average locations.)</p>

<p>o.o What's an estimate of the walk from Stewart to Day Hall or West Ave. to Day Hall?</p>

<p>I mean... I normally don't mind walking, but it's a really long drive to Ithaca, and I need to get to Day Hall before 1PM. D:</p>

<p>And before I forget, thank you guys sooo much for replying!!</p>

<p>i kind of doubt there will be tours on graduation day. i bet most people that are still around there are there for graduation, and they would probably wanna be at graduation and not giving tours</p>

<p>:( I'm allowed to wander the campus without a guide, right? Cause that's probably what I'll do if they aren't giving tours.</p>

<p>If you look at the graduation info here: Cornell</a> University Commencement - Graduation Weekend, Campus Interests
they list tours on Friday and Saturday of graduation weekend, but not on Sunday. Looks like you'll probably be out of luck</p>

<p>Oh. But can I wander the campus without a guide?</p>

<p>Sure you can, there may not be a whole lot of stuff open though, idk.</p>

<p>.__. Is walking around Cornell worthwhile for an incoming freshman?</p>

<p>No ones stopping you from walking around. You just wont have someone to tell you the interesting parts of campus like a tour guide could</p>

<p>Hm... Should I wait until Orientation to do the tour instead?</p>

<p>What are you trying to accomplish by taking a tour or walking around?</p>

<p>You will have the whole orientation week to get oriented with the campus and figure out where stuff is.</p>

<p>If your parents are wanting a tour. I say have them wait until parents weekend. If they come and take a tour now, what will you show them parents weekend.</p>

<p>from what I have heard, graduation day is crazy around there and there probably won't be parking anywhere to be found</p>

<p>Yea... Only thing about Orientation is that hotels are really expensive. x__x</p>