Visiting Dickinson

<p>Any suggestions for a good place to stay while visiting Dickinson--preferably walking distance to campus?</p>

<p>We always stayed at the Comfort Suites in downtown Carlisle. It's walking distance to the college and you'll pass a lot of cute shops and restaurants on the way. Free breakfast and very nice rooms.</p>

<p>We frequently stay at the Comfort Suites, too, and have always liked it. It's also convenient to the Gingerbread Man restaurant, for a quick meal or drink. There is also a nice bed and breakfast on Hanover Street.
We have not stayed there yet, but I believe a new Country Inn and Suites has opened just off I-81. It would not be walking distance but is just a few miles away.</p>

<p>The Carlisle House B&B is great-- comfortable, personal service, lovely breakfast, historic building and an easy walk to campus</p>

<p>Unfortunately both those places--and almost everywhere else--was booked. Turns out there was some kind of car show in the area. We ended up at the Day's Inn, which was fairly close by and clean. That's the best I can say about it.</p>

<p>Those car shows are held about 4 or 5 times a year in Carlisle, and many of the people involved have long-standing reservations at the Comfort Suites and Carlisle House. I have tried booking a year ahead, especially on move-in weekends which frequently overlap with a car show, and often those hotels are already full. As soon as you have dates and know you will be traveling to Carlisle, it is wise to try for reservations. One nice thing about Dickinson, is that they put several years of school calendars on the website at a time. That way you know way ahead of time about when you might need a reservation. Unfortunately, the Comfort Suites won't take regular reservations more than a year ahead, or I would have already booked for my DD's graduation :-)</p>

<p>The Comfort Suites were totally booked for the following year's graduation a day after they started taking reservations the day after the current graduation! We ended up at the Holiday Inn graduation weekend. It was fine, though a little farther away.</p>

<p>I picked up D on graduation weekend last year (she was just a soph), and couldn't get a room anywhere in Carlisle. I ended up staying at the Comfort Inn in New Cumberland (over by Harrisburg). My recommendation is DO NOT stay in that hotel. There was a brawl in the room next to mine at 1:30 in the morning. It is kind of a rough and tumble place; I am a Gold member of that hotel chain's frequent stay program, so I usually seek out Comfort Inns/etc. But don't stay in the one in New Cumberland...</p>