Visiting Eckerd - Anything we shouldn't miss?

<p>Visiting from OOS in mid Sep. Anything off campus we should be sure to see or do?</p>

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<p>Just dropped my freshman off last week. We drove from NY and spent 6 days. We stayed in Pass a Grille, a very low key beach area and enjoyed it. Did lots of shopping for dorm stuff, and went to several Art places in St. Pete to see a glass blowing demo and several other galleries. It seems like a nice area with lots to do. There is a Publix and Walmart within 5 minutes or campus that is very convienent for the kids. Our daughter just went to the Dali Museum and said it was great.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input. We're only in town for about 24 hours so won't be exploring too much, but we are definitely staying at St Pete Beach. Pass a Grille looked very nice but many places were booked during our visit. Want to get a feel for both the campus itself and the immediate off-campus area as best as possible in such a short visit.</p>

<p>Good luck! So far my daughter is loving it. Had an encounter with a pod of dolphins while paddleboarding last week and has also seen a manatee in the bay right by the campus waterfront. They study on the beach after class and take a break to paddle or swim. Of course Isaac is now heading thier way, so we will see how that goes...If your son is interested after the visit I can put him in touch with my daughter. She is an Art major, but lots of others she knows are Marine Bio. We have been impressed with the faculty and staff so far. She had an email from the Art Dept. Chair on the second day making sure she was settling in and letting her know that he had already spoken to her Autumn Term Professor and they have been in regular contact since about her fall schedule. I don't think she would be getting such attention @ the larger programs we looked at.</p>