Visiting Muhlenberg, best route to take from Vorhees/Cherry Hill NJ?

<p>We will be staying in the Cherry Hill area of NJ and are planning to visit Muhlenberg. I mapquested the route from our hotel to the college. My sister told me (since we are not from this area) that we should see if we could avoid going near Philadelphia because of the traffic. I am already very frustrated with driving in the NY/NJ area....I have never seen so many cars/so much bumper to bumper traffic in my life. The turnpike is a nightmare! I grew up in north Jersey and am so glad we don't live here anymore...too many cars/people and so many overtly aggressive discourteous drivers! End of rant.</p>

<p>Anyone know the best or least stressful route to Allentown? The mapquest has us going across the Ben Franklin bridge around philly on 76 toward 476N. Is there a better way? The information session is at 11 am, what time do we need to leave our hotel to get there?</p>

<p>seiclan - we are not from the east coast so I was not familiar with driving to Muhlenberg from Philly. But if you want to avoid going through downtown Philly, why not head over to the Walt Whitman bridge, to I-95 south, to I-476 north? This is the way I drive to Allentown from the Philly airport and it's not too bad. The part of the journey I hate is once you get north of the I-276 interchange. I hate the Pennsylvania Turnpike... narrow lanes, very narrow shoulders and that darn cement divider. Since you will probably need to leave around 8:30 AM to guarantee an arrival by 10:30 (so you have time to find where you need to be, check in, etc.), you will still be in rush hour traffic, but if you wait until 9 or 9:30 to leave in order to avoid the worse of rush hour traffic, then you might be late.</p>

<p>Either way works - always a chance of a back up either way you go. There is construction on 476 so you may want to listen to the traffic reports or check traffic on-line before you go. With no traffic Cherry Hill to Allentown is 1:20, so 2 hours should give you plenty of time.</p>