Visiting on Sunday/Monday

<p>Since tours of the Academy aren’t given on Monday’s, what should I do in Colorado Springs for a day? I arrive in Denver in the morning, then we’ll drive out to Colorado Springs. Any good places I should go to/visit while I’m there?</p>

<p>Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak are good places to check out.</p>

<p>yep. just went to them this weekend; they're easy to find and pretty cool</p>

<p>You can also do some things at the academy, eg. stop at the Visitor's Center and take the short walking trail over the the Chapel and Chapel wall, check out the Buff by the North Gate, and other displays by the airfield. The Field House should also be open.</p>

<p>Manitou Springs is also worth checking out if you go to the Garden of the Gods or Pikes Peak. Good Mexican food at the Loop.</p>

<p>The olympic training center is free and they give tours (I believe) every hour on the hour everyday except for Christmas and other national holidays. You actually get to go through the gyms, pools, etc (behind glass, of course) and see the athletes train if they're there. Located on Union by the Velodrome.</p>

<p>I walked around downtown Colorado Springs when I came and visited. Plenty of places to eat.</p>

<p>Well, I love it so far out here in Colorado Springs. I went to Pike's Peak, and the Cave of Winds. See you all tommorrow. I'll be the civilian in the black pants, and blue long-sleeve shirt.</p>

<p>Oops, double post.</p>

<p>i'll be looking out for ya, maybe ill greet you, probably not.</p>

<p>ya i saw u coming out of the classroom i was about to go into, calc 2 hehe</p>

<p>Saw him on my way in to lunch and said hi. Silly civilians.</p>

<p>did you go see everyone taking the pft?</p>

<p>Packer, I am eagerly awaiting the report on your visit. Hope you made it home safely. Did you come with your parents? What did they think? Are they supportive of your decision to attend USAFA?</p>

<p>Back safely last night. I came with my father, as my mother had to stay home and watch my sister (she's in about 4 sports as a middle school-er). My dad thought it was amazing and he wants to move to Colorado (jokingly I think, but he really liked it). He said the Academy didn't look as bad as they made it out to be online and in books. As for both my parents, they are very supportive. They trust I know what I'm getting into. When I first told them I wanted to attend the Academy, they were very suprised, but supportive. They are being very hands-off, as it should be.
As for the actual visit:</p>

<p>HNeedle was a great sponsor, and thanks for saying hi Hornetguy! Got to see the Library, Arnold Hall, Field House, Noon Meal Formation, classes, the dorms, and the chapel (most beautiful building I've been in), along with all the other small stuff. It was great, but really awkward sometimes. I was pretty much the only civilian walking around. That and the "Don't do it" comments, which I found to be hilarious. I Finally got to see how they fed 4000 people at once.
HNeedle took me to Calc and an English class. Both were a smaller class size than my smallest high school class (and there are only 174 other students in my grade!).
Saw a bunch of people taking the PFT. Didn't look like fun.
Speaking of physical fitness, the air didn't bother me too much. I didn't run anywhere, but I never noticed shortness of breath (you don't run BEAST do you?) ;)</p>

<p>Overall, it was a great visit. I don't think I'm going to have to visit any other colleges, because the Air Force Academy is the place for me.</p>

<p>By the way: I heard some stories about what you all do when you are bored. You guys are crazy! Some of that is the last thing I would expect from a service academy, but I guess it makes sense. Gotta find a way to stay sane. And I never knew about the lightning van...</p>

<p>The lightning van eats cadets. Seriously.</p>

<p>YouTube</a> - USAFA's Lightning Van</p>

<p>My whole basic flight very nearly got eaten alive by the lightning van during transition week... it was a frightening experience to say the least. Lol...</p>

<p>the funny thing was, as i watched that video for the first time (a 3 deg sent it), i could hear it honking outside my window. no joke. :D</p>

<p>these videos are not far from the truth...</p>

<p>Lol. I volunteered to drive the lightning van, but they told us it was more of an "escort" service now...</p>

<p>That Youtube video is awesome!</p>

<p>I would like to see the van in action, though. In a real lightning warning...</p>

<p>I realize they don't work...alot. But how often are they actually right?</p>