Visiting Penn this week....chances next year ed

<p>Ok so im starting this thread partly to find out if there is anything in particular I should check out when I head over to the campus next week…but I also started it to make sure that my visit wont be completly in vain, so I would really like to know if I have at least a fighting chance next year ED. Ill try and keep this short so heres a glimpse of my stats:</p>

<p>PSAT: 770 M 690 V 630 W=209
SAT: I havent taken it yet but ive been prepping a considerable amount and have been getting around a 2250…I also wont stop retaking the test until I get at least that because I know that that is well within my grasp, so please consider my SAT score to be: 780 M 730 V 740 W
Math 1c: 740
Chem (soph year): 710
Bio (freshman year): 720
im going to take Physics, US and possibly 2c in May</p>

Euro: (3)
Physics B (taking…A in the class)
US (taking…A+ in the class)
Calc AB (senior year)
Lit (senior year)
Micro/Macro econ (senior year)
Bio (senior year)
Stat (senior year)
Gov (seniour year)</p>

93 weighted/96 unweighted
My GPA will show a strong upward trend as I kind of slacked off in freshman year and then got slightly better sophmore year and now i have all A’s/A+'s so that GPA should go up when Junior year is included.
Class Rank: My school doest rank (competitve school from LI, 5 people got in ED)</p>

<p>EC’s: im not gonna elaborate too much but heres the list
Student government officer
Spanish club president
Deca (hope to win states this year)
Baseball 9/10
Track 11
officer of youth group = community service</p>

<p>I understand that this all seems kind of generic among the applicants but I feel like my interview/essays/recs will really help me and hopefully allow me to stand out a little more among all of the more then qualified applicants. Penn is my first choice and id really like to know if I should start looking else where/not get my hopes up too high after visting…thanks</p>

<p>Pretty good chances for CAS and probably SEAS but I a little reach for Wharton.</p>

<p>im not aiming for wharton...while I plan to be in business when I get out of college I want to apply to the college to major in economics and also dabble in various other subjects to get a taste of everything (math, sciences mostly)</p>

<p>I would aim for Wharton. It's a one in a lifetime shot at being among the best (sounds conceited, but I have Wharton pride). Your scores are great, the transcript is solid, and I would start to refine your ECs. It looks simple, so I don't know the whole story, but nothing really stands out with your ECs. I believe that you have a decent shot at CAS and a reach at Wharton. Like you said, the essays and recs have a considerable amount of weight, so it depends on what you and your teachers/GCs write.</p>

<p>thanks for the assessment...My ec's go beyond what i listed...I left out the generic national merit scholar, national honors society, spanish honors society, russian honors society...I understand that its generic and most of the applicants have at least what I have so I really need to think of a creative way to market myself...</p>

<p>anyone else?</p>

<p>"Wharton pride?" Please. This isn't the 80s, pal...</p>

<p>Wharton needs to ditch its own sense of superiority--as it is slowly doing now whether Lucky98 likes it or not. For example 2002, Wharton abandoned its long-running proprietary "W" logo and accepted a logo with the Penn shield that matches that of the other dozen schools at Penn.</p>

<p>Bottom line, you're going to be among the best no matter what school in Penn you go to, and no matter what Ivy you pick (except cornell of course). Do a liberal arts degree now, take some interesting wharton classes pass-fail (thus avoiding the brutal wharton curve) and do b-school after you graduate.</p>

<p>Johnny, maybe you didn't notice because you weren't at Penn at the time, but ALL THE SCHOOLS HAD THEIR OWN LOGOS. It was a BRANDING decision on part of the UNIVERSITY to have ALL schools have the Penn shield and type. </p>

<p>What is wrong with Wharton students having Wharton pride and saying something positive about their school? You seem to have College pride but you spend most of your time knocking Wharton. And for someone who seems to feel so superior to Wharton (as evidenced by a number of your posts), why do you always say to take our classes pass/fail to avoid the curve? I would think you would want to take Wharton classes for a grade so you can get A+'s and show everyone that you're smarter than they are and display your College pride.</p>

<p>Thanks Whartonalum.</p>

<p>JohnnyK, I'm proud I got into Wharton, regardless of the logo change. It's an accomplishment I'll always be proud of because I know I worked my ass off to get in. All the Ivies are great, it's just a matter of one's preference of study.</p>

<p>Methinks I've touched a nerve</p>

<p>I think you were severely owned and crushed by the power of 1000 gods*.</p>

<p>*This post is not meant to upset religious sensititivies. Thanks.</p>

<p>The proper spelling is Pwn3d, and I shall never be.</p>

<p>I have an announcement to make....I am officially in love with this school ...Please give me an idea of what I could do/what my chances are...</p>


<p>Well the sure-fire way is to donate a building...other than that, um, make sure you apply ED.</p>