visiting Rice-any suggestions?

<p>Off to Rice next week. Would be a reach but he's leaning towards the sciences and we've never been there. I'm curious. Any suggestions about what to check out at Rice would be appreciated...or any comments at all also welcome!</p>

<p>REPORT BACK TO US! I love hearing about tours of college campuses and even though S has decided, I still like to hear about the impressions of the schools.</p>

<p>Rice Village has good restaurants, shops etc. It is at one edge of the campus. The campus has a running/walking path around the whole perimeter. It is great if you want some exercise. Hermann Park is right near the campus- good green area, fountains etc. You'll love the campus. If you want to talk to a student, PM me and I'll give you my D's name. Her boyfriend is a biology major. K.</p>

<p>The campus tour is quite enjoyable. Lots of stories about the campus and buildings and student lore.</p>

<p>MomofWildChild - we have a contact but thanks for the offer. Do you have any idea what the boyfriend thinks of bio there?</p>

<p>I would love to answer any questions that you have about Rice, either before or after your visit (Rice '08), send me an e-mail or post back!</p>

<p>PS. I know one of the bio profs, and he is so great. The facilities, from what I hear, are pretty good, but i could tell you more after i take bio lab this spring. There are LOTS of opportunities to get involved in research, even as a freshman, which is really important.</p>

<p>The BF loves everything about Rice. He thought physics was hard, though. He is in Brown (college) and my D is in Hanszen.</p>

<p>We hear a lot of positives about Rice...any negatives?</p>

<p>According to my daughter, the weather :). The weather is almost exactly the same as ours, so I'm not sure what she is implying! I know nothing about Rice, could not get DD to consider it for a moment, but we have family there who have always enjoyed Houston, although it is incredibly spread out. Biggest surprise for me - how close it is to the Gulf, can definitely go to the beach for the day with a car.</p>

<p>Make sure that you have checked out their schedule, as the (very good) information session may only be offered once a day. Your tour will be as good as the student you get--our last one was very good. Make sure you tell them you want lunch in a college--it's a good experience. Arrive early and take plenty of money for parking--they are not very friendly in that regard! You can look through the "book" in the admissions office and select a class to visit, if you haven't already set it up (that's why you need to be early) Take time to visit with the woman behind the desk--she's wonderful! It's a beautiful place--hope the weather is cooperative. Have fun!</p>

<p>The parking is a negative. There is limited visitor parking and even less close-in parking for students. The students park way out at the stadium and walk or bus in. The worst weather in Houston is in the summer, and the kids aren't there. Winters make up for the hot early fall and spring. The day we moved D in in August 2003 was the most humid, awful day imaginable- and I LIVE in Texas! Another positive-with the conservatory-level music school, the performances are great.</p>

<p>Another negative- the football team isn't so hot. Baseball team is awesome, though.</p>

<p>Yes, but nobody goes to the football games to watch football - they go to see the band (the MOB) perform at halftime.</p>

<p>A couple of small Rice negatives:
Housing is not guaranteed Sophomore year, and some unwilling students will need to find an apartment. This concerned us, and I never could get administration to define the percentage of students affected by this.
Houston air can sometimes be polluted (and smelly).
I found some of the dorm ("college") environments to be quite uninviting (from the outside...we did not have the opportunity to view the inside.)</p>

<p>Sounds like complaining, but we actually liked Rice a lot overall. I just think it helps to know negatives up front, (especially when requested).</p>

<p>negatives at Rice are hugely outweighed by the positives (too numerous to list, but include excellent academics, fun sports, residential college system - maybe kjofkw saw an ugly one, but most are quite nice, friendly and laid back students, small classes, great value, so much more)</p>

<p>but, like anywhere there are downsides (though actually i have been pretty happy with the weather so far - coming from the northeast I am happy to only have to deal with snow for the 3 weeks of vacation). I would include binge drinking as a negative (but one that does not have to affect you if you choose), as well as not the best food (on campus. off campus there's great food).</p>

<p>Other than that though, I'm really thrilled with Rice!</p>

<p>Not complaining...just honest impressions. That's OK.</p>

<p>My D is a soph and I was a little worried about the housing for her soph year. Different colleges kick them off in different years, by the way. Hanszen tends to kick the sophs out. However, there is a lottery and there is a good chance you can stay on campus if you want. My D and 3 friends put in for a suite and they got it. However, a lot of kids are fine going off campus- even as sophomores. There is a lot of available housing close by and it is pretty manageable. My D is moving off next year- by choice. She's ready. She thinks the food at Rice is pretty good- but she was at Interlochen, a boarding school with terrible food. And-what I offer at home is usually brought in anyway.....</p>

<p>Thanks for all the input. I will relay our impressions.</p>

<p>Definitely agree that you should sign up for the lunch with a student. One of the prettiest dining rooms is at Baker, but the best food, with their own chef who also teaches cooking classes, is the South servery for Hanszen/Weiss. Do not miss seeing the inside of the engineering building. Quite impressive.</p>

<p>Do the students eat at different colleges or tend to stay within their own? Socializing primarily within own college or cross pollinate?</p>