Visiting Ross Before Decisions?

<p>Is it worth it to visit UM before the Ross PA decisions come out? I'm only interested in business and I don't feel as though it'd be worth attending UM if I'm not accepted PA because of the very small 30-40% chance of getting into Ross at the end of my freshman year. I am OOS (Washington State) and so it costs quite a bit of money to fly and stay in Ann Arbor for the Campus Day. Thoughts?</p>

<p>Edit: My Campus Day is currently for March 23rd, I've heard mixed things about PA notification date (some say 12 weeks and others say 16 weeks after decisions are released). If its twelve weeks then I would find out before I visit, if 16, then it'd be after my scheduled visit.</p>

<p>You don't need to come on Campus Day. You can certainly wait until you have notification on Ross PA and then come out if you wish to tour. You won't miss much compared to what you'd see/hear on Campus Day. However, if you feel you are a strong PA candidate and don't get in PA, you should have confidence in getting in after your 1st year. That route has a much greater chance than PA.</p>

<p>I would actually recommend visiting earlier than the PA date because once you visit Ross you won't want to go anywhere else but Michigan, regardless of if you get preferred admit or not.</p>