visiting san diego

<p>Our team at work is traveling to San Diego for 4 days of training. Any suggestions for good restaurants or things to do in the evening for a group of co-workers?</p>

<p>Buster’s in Seaport Village (near Convention Center), can accommodate large groups. Try the pork luau.
I like La Pinata in Old Town for authentic Mexican, but for a larger group Casa Guadalajara across the street has mariachi and authentic Mexican fare.</p>

<p>Take the ferry from downtown over to Coronado Island. Spectacular view from there!</p>

<p>Although the Padres aren’t very good, Petco Park is spectacular. If they are in town you might catch a game and there is a lot to do in the surrounding area (Gaslamp district/downtown). D1 graduated from SDSU in May. One of our favorite places to eat, which was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, is Hodads. It is just burgers, shakes, beer,… The original is in Ocean Beach and there is a new location downtown.</p>

<p>Old Town is fun, good Mexican food available.<br>
Balboa Park is fun, lots of small special interest museums. D loves the model railroad one.</p>

<p>Will you be there near or during a weekend? This [National</a> Comedy Theatre - San Diego improv comedy, corporate entertainment, San Diego Comedy, San Diego Comedy Shows and Improv Workshop](<a href=“]National”> is a lot of fun and it’s near Little Italy.</p>

<p>Island Prime/C Level have a great view of downtown and a nice outdoor patio. [Island</a> Prime - C Level | Cohn Restaurant Group | 880 Harbor Island Dr.](<a href=“]Island”></p>

<p>Balboa Park is great but I don’t think the museums are open in the evening. Old Town is good for the ambiance. Seaport Village in general is not what it used to be but still a pleasant place to walk around with great views. Trip Adviser has a lively SD forum and can help with advice on specifics.</p>

<p>We’re assuming you’ll be starting from the harbor front area, right? How large of a group will you have?</p>

<p>What area of town are you staying in? You should go to La Jolla to walk around then have dinner at Herringbone on Herschel. Or instead of La Jolla proper go to La Jolla Shores for a walk on the beach and then have drinks at the hotel La Jolla bar and dinner over at Piattis. The Gaslamp has many good restaurants if you are staying downtown.</p>

<p>If you haven’t been to the area, La Jolla Cove is pretty scenic. It’s a little ways from downtown though - maybe 20 minutes or so. Walk around enjoying the natural beauty, watch the seals on the rocks and at ‘Childrens Pool’, and you can walk up to Prospect street for shopping/restaurants (upscale area).</p>

<p>Some people like to head over to Coronado and eat at the famous Hotel Del. You can head over on a ferry.</p>

<p>Old Town is interesting to walk around. There are lots of Mexican restaurants there including Cafe Coyote which I like.</p>

<p>Right in downtown is the Gaslamp district (bars/restaurants) and little Italy (restaurants).</p>

<p>Tons of other restaurants and things to do. ‘Coureur’ posted a nice list of things to see/do on another thread -
<a href=“[/url]”></a></p>

<p>Thanks for the suggestions. We’re staying out in Mission Valley. Our group will only be about a dozen, so it’s not too large.</p>

<p>We’re arriving on Sunday, working and training for the next three days and then flying home so we were looking for ideas for sunday, and the weekday evenings.</p>

<p>Old town is practically next to Mission Valley and Mission Valley is pretty close to most things in San Diego including most of the places mentioned earlier (downtown, Coronado, gaslamp, little Italy, etc.). Make sure you get over near the water - i.e. San Diego Bay (by downtown, Coronado), the ocean (other side of Coronado, lots of other beaches).</p>

<p>I was going to suggest the Sunday buffet at the Del Coronado but you won’t be there in time. It’s the most amazing display I’ve ever seen, and the food is good too. It’s worth going to the hotel though, it’s simply beautiful.</p>

<p>I haven’t been here myself but it’s been highly recommended to me: [Anthology</a>, San Diego’s Award-winning Live Music Venue and Fine Dining Restaurant](<a href=“]Anthology”>Anthology, San Diego's Award-winning Live Music Venue and Fine Dining Restaurant). </p>

<p>This is a fun restaurant with great views; beware the mai tais: [Bali</a> Hai Restaurant](<a href=“]Bali”></p>

<p>La Jolla is great - depending on when you arrive on that Sunday, you could go up there while it’s still light out, walk the cove, catch the sunset, then splurge at George’s: [La</a> Jolla Ocean View Restaurant - George’s At The Cove](<a href=“]La”> Or if you get in by midday, tour the Midway then eat downtown. [USS</a> Midway Aircraft Carrier | San Diego Museum | San Diego Tours](<a href=“]USS”></p>

<p>Hillcrest s a very diverse neighborhood just on the top of mission valley. Snooze is a great place for breakfast - but it can get crowded. If its crowded “chocolat” is a half block away which serves good food and great gellato. For Mexican, El Indio is a great neighborhood restaurant which every cab driver will know. The gaslamp is where many tourists and locals go to eat and drink. And, the padres are actually playing great baseball now - but the prices can be steep. (try Craigslist for reduced price tickets.)</p>

<p>So, this is a kind of low end suggestion, but we liked it when we spent a few days in La Jolla this summer. Rubio’s is a (sort of) fast food place that serve fish tacos that were highly recommended by some local friends of ours & that we thought were delicious.</p>

<p>To escape the inland heat, H and I often go to San Diego or La Jolla for lunch on Weekends. La Jolla Art museum is only $5 with AAA card, it’s good for 7 days and includes the downtown Art museum by the train station. We have been very lucky with La Jolla street parking by the museum. Have followed Coureur’s restaurant suggestions previously and they were great. Another La Jolla cheap addition: Extreme Pizza, wish I could recommend Mr. Taco but it burned down :(. I have found trip advisor to be very helpful with restaurants. Have wanted to get to Anthology, but haven’t made it.Please report if you do. Did enjoy Croche’s (sp?) in gas lamp district. Old Town-we don’t like waits and so usually end up at Fred’s-I enjoy the food. Downtown San Diego parking-most but not all take credit / ATM cards, had to pass up some great street spaces during the week cause I was out of change.</p>

<p>My recent post on the very topic:</p>

<p><a href=“[/url]”></a></p>

<p>I think it was going to Lorna’s restaurant a few years back that convinced my husband that CC was a great source of information.</p>

<p>Little Italy-Fillippi’s on India Street, or anything on that street.</p>

<p>I’m not a zoo fan normally, but the San Diego zoo is really terrific. </p>

<p>We ate at a terrific Italian restaurant that I thought was in or very near Balboa park. It had wonderful food. We also really liked the mexican food we had in old town and liked eating at the outdoor patio where we went. </p>

<p>The Hotel Del on Coronado is well worth the trip. My guess is it would not be a bargain, but they have a lovely restaurant with tables overlooking the water…really nice!</p>

<p>Hotel Del is just lovely to wander about. Go near sunset and have drinks around the fire pits at the pier bar.</p>

<p>Currently in SD for a conference; just had a terrific meal at Bice in the Gaslamp area. It was just as good as it was in 2010.
[BiCE</a> Ristorante | San Diego](<a href=“]BiCE”></p>