Visiting St. Louis

<p>I have an 11th-grade daughter who's interested in Washington U. and has some fairly solid credentials. (She's a likely National Merit semifinalist, for one thing.) Does the school ever help out with travel costs to visit campus?</p>

<p>Yes. During my 11th grade year, I sent an e-mail asking if they would fly me out. They said they decide who gets travel grants in the spring. I sent another e-mail in the spring and they notified me in the summer that they would pay for my trip. I visited in October of my 12th grade year.</p>

<p>P.S. They'll ask for her stats when they consider her in the spring. It is not need-based.</p>

<p>Thanks! We're going to drive through St. Louis this summer and visit the school, so I'm hoping they'll pay for our hotel.</p>

<p>Usually, the prospective student stays on campus with a student host. My mom came with me and they didn't pay for her hotel or flights. I think they only cover the costs of the student. Can't hurt to ask though...</p>