Visiting stanford

<p>what is offered when you visit. walking tours, info sessions, other campus activities?. can you register so that they know you were interested and visited. is there a way i can physically register all those activities rather than just showing up and hoping that they are goign and that theres not too many people.</p>

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<p>I visited over the summer. I'm pretty sure the process is the same during the year.</p>

<p>You need to register in advance. They check you in as you come in, give you a packet w/ the application + viewbook (when I visited, these hadn't been posted online or mailed yet, so it was kinda cool to get them early). Then, there's an info session for an hour or so. An admissions officer talks about academics, student life, and admissions, it's all pretty interesting (more so than a lot of other info session).</p>

<p>Then, you split into groups, and students give you a tour of the (beautiful) campus. After, I think you can ask the tour guides questions.</p>