Visiting USC (cross-post)

<p>My D and I will be visiting USC/Thornton School of Music next month. I'm leaning toward staying at the Radisson, since it looks so convenient. I'm just curious about driving through the city. We live outside Washington DC and I can handle that type of traffic, but if it's more like NYC or Boston, I might be tempted to stay outside the city and use public transportation to get around. Is that feasible? Any recommendations for logistics?</p>

<p>maybe this will help a bit too:
About</a> USC - Visit USC - University Park Campus</p>

<p>We visited USC in February and stayed at the Radisson (be sure to ask for the USC rate). We chose it because of its proximity to USC and because we could drive in, park and leave the car there for a couple of days while walking around campus. The best thing about the hotel is its location. I can't say how the traffic compares to Boston or NYC, but it was not too bad to get there and then we didn't need the car again till we left the area.
One other nice thing about the Radisson is that it is just down the street from some practice rooms in the student apartments. If you are not a current student, you can't use a practice room. Ever. This was really disappointing, especially as my daughter had come to audition on campus! But no access to practice rooms. So what you do, unofficially, is wait next to the practice rooms down the street from the Radisson and dash in behind a student that swipes his/her card. Then if a practice room is open, it's yours.</p>

<p>Stay in the radisson for the reasons you mention. USC is just south of downtown LA and pretty easy to access, and the radisson is extremely convenient especially your first visit. LA is not as bad as NYC or Boston. Can be pretty slow occasionally, but I have had no problems and I am from Minnesota.</p>

<p>If ever I need a place to stay near USC, I plan to stay at this B&B that I have heard only great things about. I have stayed at the Holiday Inn (it was awful). This place has parking included and is walking distance from USC; it includes a free breakfast as well. My S's room mate his freshman year had his mom stay there and she loved it & has always stayed there at every trip since. It has great reviews from TripAdvisor as well. Have heard from others that they found the Radisson to be overpriced, but of course convenient.</p>

<p>The</a> Inn at 657</p>

<p>One of my daughters is a current student at USC. When I visit, I stay at the cheap hotels about two miles from the airport and near the car rental agencies. I've never had a problem with any of them. The drive from there to USC is easy. If you stay off the freeways you can drive around easily even during rush hour. Compared to the Washington DC area, I find the LA traffic mild.</p>

<p>Yes, there are a lot of folks we know who like staying near LAX & driving in the carpool lane to & from USC. They avoid traffic & it's a quick & easy drive, as long as there are at least two in the car. That's what our friends are doing when they are in LA for the USC graduation in May.</p>

<p>We generally stay at the Radisson or downtown, but tried out the Vagabond on Figueroa a couple of weeks ago - it turned out to be just fine and very economical.</p>

<p>I live in LA and feel there are two ways to look at this.</p>

<p>If your number one goal is to be near USC and plan to spend most of your time at USC, definitely stay at the Radisson. </p>

<p>If you plan to rent a car and also want to experience Southern California at its best, I don't recommend the Radisson or downtown. In that case, stay in or near Santa Monica and drive to USC for your visit there (about 25 minutes if you avoid "rush hour."). </p>

<p>That will give you a chance to experience the beach cities, Westwood, Beverly Hills, etc. and all the reasons people want to live and/or go to school here!</p>

<p>And don't get me wrong. I have a kid at USC. It's an amazing school and a great campus. It just isn't a complete taste of "LA" at all.</p>