Visiting WashU

<p>Ok I have already printed my boarding passes out and I'm going to start packing in the next 5 minutes. Ever since I have heard of WashU, I have been enticed by it and I'm finally going to visit!</p>

<p>I will be there tomorrow (looking around, touring STL, etc.) and then on Monday, I have all of the formal stuff (tour, classes, interview). </p>

<p>What should I do in St. Louis? What should I do at WashU? Any restaurant recommendations?</p>

<p>Also, how would you compare WashU to other similar schools (Emory, Penn, UVA, etc.)</p>

<p>While you're in st. louis you should definitely stop by the arch. it's quite a site to see if you have never seen it. There are some good restaurants down by the arch too. Also, you can visit "the loop" which you can walk to from washu (ask any student for directions and they should know what you're talking about). the loop has some restaurants and neat little shops. if you want to get some serious shopping done while you're there i would recommend hitting up the galleria. it's a nice mall pretty close to washu- you can take the bus there from washu. it has nice stores and a cheesecake factory : ) also, if you haven't applied to washu yet, you should schedule an interview while you're there. you will actually speak with a washu admissions person instead of an alumni when you're home. it won't take very long and it may be more informative than an alumni one. that's all i can think of for now. washu will also give you an info folder which has some ideas in it i think. have fun at washu and be prepared to fall in love with it. (i did the 5 week summer program-HSSP- for rising seniors this past summer and ended up applying ED to washu)</p>