Visiting WUSTL

<p>Hoping to get some input. We'll be visiting the campus this month and doing the tour and information session, and hopefully sit in on a class. We're trying to figure out what to do the day before and day of to get a good feeling of life around the campus. </p>

<p>Any suggestions on restaurants, shops, or off campus areas that a potential student would want to see to get an idea of the extended WUSTL area?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Well, I have to recommend the obvious: visit the loop. The loop is a section of delmar boulevard with restaurants and shops and it is visited often by the WUSTL student population - it even has a direct pathway connecting to the campus.</p>

<p>Also, if you know a current student, they’ll be able to bring you to a frat/club, if you’re interested in that.</p>

<p>You could check out forest park, which is right across the street, and is absolutely huge, with a free zoo and museum.</p>

<p>^^^Thanks! We’re completely unfamiliar with the area and had never heard of “The Loop.”</p>

<p>Maybe you can catch Chubby Checker at Blueberry Hill:
[Blueberry</a> Hill](<a href=“]Blueberry”></p>

<p>We did the loop, Forest Park, stayed at the hotel on campus (Knight Center) and went downtown - a friend from the area drove us downtown. Checked out the baseball stadium etc.</p>

<p>Eat the food at the South 40 dining. Get a smoothie at the DUC.</p>

<p>^ If you want the best food on campus, then go to Holmes lounge at lunch time and get a carvery wrap. Just be prepared to wait in line for half an hour.</p>

<p>Not if you get there 5-15 minutes before the hour. ;)</p>

<p>agreed with RyanMK - definitely check out Holmes lounge and get a carvery wrap if you’re around campus for lunch! Just avoid going at the hour and for about 20 minutes after that otherwise the line is way too long.</p>

<p>if you’re looking for dinner options, the Loop is about a 10-15 minute walk from campus with good options - blueberry hill, fritz, pi pizzeria, panera, etc. if you’re looking for dessert, check out froyo! if you have a car, i highly suggest going over to the central west end where there are a bunch of great (more upscale) restaurants like drunken fish (there’s also a froyo there too!)</p>

<p>For an off campus area, go to Forest Park and check out the museums or zoo because they’re all free! These are fairly popular with students as they’re so close to campus. I myself enjoying running through the park when the weather’s nice so I think it’s fairly representative of an off-campus site frequented by WashU students</p>

<p>Hey guys, just wanted to see if any of you have any other suggestions of things to see. I want to find a college that I REALLY like, so anything that will make me like WUSTL more would be great. I think just the warmer weather will be a start, even if it’s not much, as long as I get there and there’s no snow I’ll be pretty happy. Also, how good are the tours at showing off the school? I’ve been on some really good tours, but also some really bad tours <em>cough</em> Brown <em>cough</em>, that made a school I thought I would be into seem bad.</p>

<p>So you’ll be the Class of 2017? Wow, I feel so old right now.</p>

<p>Go to the Delmar Loop, Forest Park and the Central West End, if possible. Campus tours are pretty good, as far as I know.</p>