<p>I am one of the many high-level applicants who has been deferred due to percieved interest. I am planning to visit on Friday, but, because of snow coming Wednesday night, I am worried about my flight on Thursday (we tried to move it to Wednesday, but everything is sold out in advance of the storm). What should I do so that it is not counted against me if I cannot make it to New Orleans?</p>

<p>Where are you flying out of, and does it stop anywhere along the way?</p>

<p>Philadelphia, nonstop</p>

<p>I would contact your admissions counselor today and let him/her know the situation. They will definitely understand if the weather disrupts your planned visit. This contact will give you another opportunity to let them know how interested you are in Tulane. I hope you get there!</p>

<p>Yeah, if it is Philly, non-stop I would just show up and take a chance it all works out. Right now your chances look OK. It is supposed to change to rain on Thursday, so you should get out at some point. For NOLA on Friday they are predicting a high of 66! Nice.</p>

<p>Give us all a report of what you think when you get back.</p>

<p>They will certainly understand about the weather, that is something out of your control. Just let them know. </p>

<p>My flight is canceled, but I would like to figure out a time to go to Tulane, so I can give a replacement time.</p>

<p>Well, you are going to be battling Mardi Gras, then Tulane will be on Spring Break. You might be best scheduling something for mid-late March. I don’t think St. Patricks day weekend brings in a lot of tourists so hotels shouldn’t be gouging around then and its a great time to be in the city. </p>

<p>Regarding St. Patrick’s “weekend” at Tulane, Top Scholars weekend is March 16-17.</p>

<p>I would suggest checking the admissions website for a good time to visit. There are a lot of accepted student days coming up in late March and early April, but they are not everyday of the week. You can also ask you admissions counselor when a good time to visit is. </p>