<p>If you could only visit St. Olaf one time, would it be better to attend their accepted student day or go on a random day? Which would give a better overall feel for the school?</p>

<p>I always vote for random day. At accepted student days you have a lot of high schoolers who <em>might</em> attend the school, but on a random day you have the actual student body. Also, you get a better idea of a typical school day if you don't go on an accepted weekend. JMHO</p>

<p>Ditto - random day at any college.</p>

<p>I would disagree and vote for the accepted students day. I visited on my own in October and had a great visit, but went back for music scholars' day and have an even better time. I think accepted students day is a great time to go because a lot of people are available to talk to you about specific things. I looked at the program (even though I can't go :-( ) and saw that they are having a lot of different sessions with faculty. You may not get as good of an idea of the students since there will be so many high school students, but you really get to know the faculty and academic programs. </p>

<p>Best case scenario would be to come to campus before accepted students day and have an overnight to really meet students.</p>