Does SLU allow students to have visitors stay overnight with them in their dorm room? Does this include visitors of the opposite gender? What exactly is the protocol?

I asked because there are statements in the handbook about not allowing for cohabitation and not allowing for students of opposite genders to use the same bathrooms. I wanted to know how it worked with visitors.

The published policy versus actual practice are two different things. Opposite sex visitors are allowed.

I just read the student handbook, it says no such thing. It allows for visitors as long as all the other roommates agree. It does not mention the sex of the visitor. Please refer me to where you found this.

4.2.13 Overnight Guests/Cohabitation - Residents may have overnight guests in the halls in accordance with the visitation guidelines in place for their particular building. Any overnight guests must have consent of the roommate/suitemates. Such guests, however, may not stay for more than 3 days without expressed permission from the Residence Hall Coordinator. Cohabitation is not permitted.