Visual and Performing Arts One Year Required???

<p>I am a US Citizen and am currently in the process of applying to Berkeley. I have done all four years of high school abroad in an international school and did the Cambridge IGCSE program. My school offered no visual arts whatsoever. I'm currently doing the IB program and am not doing any visual arts. Therefore, I do not have even a year of visual arts. How do I qualify for admission then? It should be noted that I did take one year of visual arts in the 8th grade when I was in the US but I'm sure that this doesn't count right?</p>

<p>Will I still qualify for admission without meeting the visual arts requirement? It's not my fault since my international school does not offer it...</p>

<p>I'm kinda worried?</p>

<p>It doesn't have to be just visual art, it can also be "dance, drama/theater, or music," according to the UC website. My school didn't really offer music after the 8th grade, and for visual and performing arts above the 8th grade, some serious talent was needed to even get into the class. So basically, I found out that Art History counts as a visual art, too. It doesn't have to just be stuff like drawing/painting. Did you do some kind of Art History?</p>

<p>If not, and if your school seriously didn't offer it, I would say talk to someone from admissions and tell them about it. Because I think your application won't be considered if you don't meet all of the A-G requirement. Talk to some admissions official and explain the situation</p>

<p>My school does not offer art but they do offer History. Thanks. And I already spoke to someone and they said that I have to explain my unique situation in my application.</p>

<p>Here are the options if the school does not offer the approved cat f courses (vpa)
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