Visual arts college majors

looking for any resources or advice that would help me in better understanding the different visual arts majors there are in college, as I am sort of unsure of what I want to major in. My major in HS right now is AP drawing/painting, and I like working in that medium, but I don’t want to go into fine arts as I feel I won’t be able to financially support myself on that post-graduation. I am interested in graphic design/animation, but I am not sure my work aligns with that. Also thinking about a minor in CS, so any info on that as well would be great. I am very lost on this topic so any help would be appreciated.

You may want to take a look at UNM’s interdisciplinary film and digital arts programs. Many different concentrations ranging from film production to gaming & animation to film criticism. Student has the option to minor in business–which will help open door to jobs in the art professions.

Mesa del Sol Studios host all sorts of production facilities for Film and Digital Arts program and the studios are literally right on the same lot as Netflix’s Albuquerque Studios.

Mesa del Sol Studios

Netflix which bought Albuquerque Studios in 2017 and has invested over $200M in film production facilities & projects in NM, just announced a $1B expansion of its facilities here.

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