Visual Communications Major

<p>I'm applying to Fordham University Lincoln Center for visual arts. It's my reach. The two other schools I have on my are Marist College and University of the Arts. I need safeties. Can anyone suggest any colleges like Fordham University or any college in the mid-Atlantic area (preferably near cities) where I can major in visual communications or communications? Thanks.</p>

<p>Fashion Institute of Technology can be a safety.</p>

<p>I am not too familar with the exact programs at these following schools, but certainly consider: New School, State University of New York at Purchase, City University of New York-Hunter College, Drexel, Northeastern, Emerson, Goucher College, American, Ithaca, Syracuse, Boston U (especially through School of General Studies), Hofstra, Quinnipiac, Drew, Seton Hall, Rutgers U, Manhattanville College...</p>

<p>My daughter is interested in the same thing, with an added twist for New Media. The top schools for visual communication that we are looking at near Maryland are:</p>

<li>Carnegie Mellon ( very tough to get into and need good SATs)</li>
<li>RISD Need fabulous portfolio, and it is stand alone art school </li>
<li>RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology): has co- op program and strong in visual communications. Also, not stand along art school</li>
<li>Drexel: Same as RIT but not quite as good in my opinion and didn't like the area as much as with RIT</li>
<li>Pratt Institute: Very strong program but stand alone art school. Also, don't like area in Brooklyn</li>
<li>MICA: Strong program in nice area of Baltimore. However, stand alone art school</li>
<li>School of Visual Arts in Manhattan: Good program but stand alone art school. Also, it is a "for profit" school,which makes it suspect.</li>
<li>Parsons College of Design: Part of New School,but otherwise like a stand alone art school. </li>
<li>University of the Arts in Philadelphia: Don't know much about them</li>
<li>Syracuse University: Very good art and design program in major university.</li>
<li>Wash Univ St. Louis: Great school with good art program. Wash U is nationally known university like Carnegie Mellon; thus, you need good SATs too</li>
<li>SUNY Puchase: Good art program in NY state univ system. Very reasonable and has nice campus but small college</li>
<li>FIT: Good art program in Manhattan. No campus.</li>

<p>Two good safeties for communications: Susquehanna U in PEnnsylvania and Goucher in Maryland (just outside of Baltimore). Both have very nice communications program. Goucher allows you to cross register for classes at the Maryland Institute and College of Art, Loyola, Johns Hopkins, Towson State which gives you even more options. Both are nice solid schools.</p>

<p>Yes, Towson is good,but they have a graphic design program, not visual communication. Also, you don't get admitted from high school. It is a screened major. YOu have to have at least a 2.7 overall and at least a B- in all art courses prior to being admitted. The facilities are mediocre, but they are building a whole new building for the arts department,which will be ready by next year. It will be interesting to see what the new building will be like.</p>

<p>How is Emerson in this regard? I don't know much about the school outside of the theatre programs but S has some classmates who are heavy duty communication oriented who are applying there.</p>

<p>Emerson does NOT have a visual communication major that I have seen. However, maybe I missed it. If you are interested in attending a LAC and majoring in visual communication, consider Skidmore.</p>