VOCABULARY!!!!! -- dunno what to do

I recently memorized the sparknotes1000word list and I dont know what to do now. I am still not confident with my vocab and I only have one SAT chance -- this June. I just dont know whether I should re-memorize sparknotes or go for barrons 3500 words. My aim is ofcourse above 700 in each reading and writing section. Thanks..
ps... or can anyone wanna suggest me a good post-sparknotes vocab list?
but i dont have much time left so yea.</p>

<p>free rice is a really great website...</p>

<p>SAT/ACT/GRE</a> Vocabulary Game |VocabKing.com is, too.</p>

<p>I would advise you instead of using up your time memorizing 3500 words to focus on test taking strategies and really brushing up on the other sections as well. Take endless practice tests, and analyze the crap out of each of them. Study books like grammar for dummies, or just go over your prep books until you feel you could recite them. 1000 words is plenty, and the parts of the SAT the test on vocab really are not that bad.</p>

<p>Me? I studied about half of the Sparknotes 250 (took it March 1st) and I feel like I did fine. We'll see for sure tomorrow, of course..</p>