Vocabulary Expansion Thread

<p>A lot of people seem to be taking the March 10 SAT, so in preparation, everyone please post some... ostentatious, byzantine, or esoteric vocabulary words along with their denotations. But make sure they aren't too abstruse. Use them in some almost inscrutable sentences if you like.</p>

<p>Here's some:</p>

<p>ostentatious: fond of pretentious display</p>

<p>byzantine: complex; mazelike</p>

<p>esoteric: understood by or meant for a select few; secret or mysterious</p>

<p>denotation: definition</p>

<p>abstruse: obscure</p>

<p>inscrutable: hard to understand (unable to be scrutinized)</p>

<p>bucolic: rural, rustic, pastoral</p>