Vocabulary list (read the first post if new)

<p>I don't know about others, but to me, the hardest part of the SATs is recalling challenging words during the essay. It just doesn't flow out.</p>

<p>So to improve my vocab and others, i wanted to start this thread.</p>

<p>Basically what its about is that the post before leaves a SAT word and you define it. Along with the definition, write an original sentence and two synonyms and ant. After all that, leave an SAT word for the next person. </p>

<p>I feel looking up a word gets you more involved than just learning with everything in front of you.</p>

<p>Do it as often as possible, but don't answer you own word. if a word is repeating, leave it for someone else to answer. </p>

<p>With luck, this will be helpful to everyone.</p>

<p>So, my first word is:</p>


<p>Means fancy (according to what i remember from barron's 2400). </p>

<p>Sentence? hmmm.. The garden paths were elaborate and byzantine, and so reading the map proved to be esoteric. (lmao what a crappy sentence)</p>

<p>Syn? maybe ornate?
Antonym I don't know</p>

<p>my word is:</p>


<p>it means smth that cannot be deleted, or removed</p>

<p>sentence...the pen marks were no longer indelible with the aid of the high-tech eraser. :P</p>

<p>synonym--undeletable, unerasable(if it exists)

<p>my word-></p>


<p>ack! that word's not in the barron's list :(</p>

<p>ostentatious is like you like to show off </p>

<p>your mom is ostentatious about her huge boobs</p>

<p>syn - pretentious?
ant - shy?</p>

<p>my word = gullible</p>

<p>Gullible: Easily tricked or duped.</p>

<p>My teacher proved herself to be very gullible when she believed that my dog ate my homework.</p>

<p>Syn: Err... naive? Foolish?
Ant: Crafty, sly?</p>

<p>My word: pulchritude</p>

<p>Pulchiritude: physical beauty</p>

<p>The art teacher was teaching how to true capture the pulchiritude of a serene sunset.</p>

<p>syn: Comeliness, charm
ant: uh.. ugly, repulsive</p>

<p>my word: Pique</p>


<p>Pique= hostile and bitter feeling/ upset, annoy sb (verb)
He was left in a fit of pique when she denounced his proposal.</p>

<p>syn: bitterness, hostility, sourness...
ant:uh...satisfication, elation ? ( I'm not sure though )</p>

<p>My word: tautological</p>

<p>tautological = needless repetition of an idea, esp. in words other than those of the immediate context, without imparting additional force or clearness</p>

<p>The tautological monologue made the listeners bored and soporific , because of its ungermane repetition of ideas.</p>

<p>Synonyms: redundancy, superfluous
Antonyms: pithy, brevity, succinct</p>

<p>My word: perfunctory</p>

<p>perfunctory=dutiful, performed just because of duty without any enthusiam, fervor.
They only made perfunctory efforts/ a perfunctory smile/nod
syn: dutiful, obligatory, mechanical...
any: voluntary...</p>

<p>My word: emollient</p>

<p>Emollient=soothing lotion
Some people think that professional athletes use steriod-laced emollients to enchance performance
syn: moisturizer, cream
ant: again--I don't know o_0</p>

<p>My word: nonplussed</p>

<p>ALSO, is decorous kind of a synonym for perfunctory? it means "what is expected/acceptable"</p>

<p>not surprised</p>

<p>My owrd: miffed</p>



<p>No such word.</p>

<p>you got "nonplussed" wrong</p>

<p>come on people you have to do the sentences and synonyms should be easy so you can call up this word instead of the word in the synonyms</p>

<p>My word: Roil</p>

<p>Roil - make (a liquid) muddy by disturbing the sediment or to move in a turbulent manner.</p>