Vocabulary Words from the actual test.

<p>Hello All,</p>

<pre><code> I was thinking it would be useful to get a list going of notable words that people remember from taking the actual test. Can any of you who have recently taken the test list any words that you remember, especially if you found them interesting or unexpected in some way? Similarly if there was any particular concentration of math topics, or an unexpected topic, please list them below as well. Thanks!

<p>won't help. you're better off memorizing the barron's list and/or praying.</p>

<p>I've pretty much memorized the 500 words from the Princeton Review cards, as well as the 500 kaplan cards. I am just curious if anyone if there were any significant surprise words that stuck out to anyone.</p>

<p>I don't want to be a dick, but this request is: a) a violation of ETS testing rules, thus no one is likely to help you; and b) useless, practically speaking, given that they rotate the words and questions so frequently. If you want a vocabulary website, try membean.com; otherwise, I recommend reading as much as you can to improve comprehension and analytical skills (depends on your time scale).</p>

<p>Oh sorry, i didn't know it was a violation; but now that you say it I suppose it makes sense. My bad!</p>

<p>The main reason why I asked was that I heard that they just started asking questions every once and a while that involved actually calculating standard deviations, something that was never done before (as far as I know). So I wanted to know if there were more such "content" changes and not just format ones.</p>