<p>I am thinking about studying greek/latin roots as a good preparation for the SATs. Do any of you guys know any legitimate lists of these roots that can help get all those vocab. questions correct?</p>

<p>the only one i have is kaplan's "raise your score even more" book
it has the roots and groupings of the words, but i doubt its the best guide out there.
anyone know of a more helpful one?</p>

<p>oh and knowing the roots doesnt guarantee you will get ALL the vocabs right. some words you just have to know.</p>

<p>Knowing some key prefixes can be a help. Studying long lists of roots is very inefficient. As many CCers have noted, Direct Hits is the best vocabulary book for the SAT.</p>

<p>thanks guys :) i was looking at direct hits the other day and it seems pretty good; are all their words from previous SATs?</p>

<p>^I think so. In any case, I heard it has the best "hit" rate out of all the prep books published - there was a thread on CC a while ago in which someone actually counted how many "hits" each popular prep book had for several CB SATs...</p>

<p>I've never actually read direct hits though, so no personal experience.</p>

<p>oh ok, thts good to know. I'm still a freshman so I think I might work throught the direct hits series and The Hit Parade seems to be highly vouched as well. </p>

<p>If you dont mind sharing, howd u do on the SAT and what prepping did u do??</p>

<p>^Me? I had a 2350 the second time I took the SAT but only a 760 in CR. I took a Kaplan course, which I've regretted ever since because I found it absolutely unhelpful, mostly because I had a teacher who was just horrible. Different people have different experiences with prep classes though; one of my friends who had a 2300+ thought her Kaplan class was actually really good, so I guess it depends.</p>

<p>Besides that, I just did a whole bunch of practice tests from mid to end of my junior year. It's definitely the self study that helped me the most. Honestly, I didn't even start seriously thinking about SAT or college until my junior year.</p>

<p>For vocab, I read the Barron's 3000-something vocab list over the summer, which was so long it was like a mini dictionary =D Make sure to save a few of those college board official tests for later, because they're only so many of them.</p>

<p>wow thats great! congratz! Also, I have 20 legit college board tests so ill use those later and i have 10 pr tests. </p>

<p>btw, i kno this is irrelevant to the discussion topic, but I'm thinking about taking the SAT II math end of my sophomore year, when I'll be done with pre-calc, what are your thoughts on that?</p>

You should take it. I also had pre-calc sophomore year and I took the Math II in june of that year. It went really well.</p>