Vocal Auditions

<p>I plan to audition in about a month for a voice audition and need a song in german to sing. (I picked German because I speak it fairly well) I have no clue as to what song to choose. I thought about Stille Nacht (silent night) but I didn't know if that would be appropriate or not. Any suggestions would be great. </p>

<p>Thanks, :)</p>

<p>blondiebandgeek, welcome to CC and the music forum. I am sure one of the Dad's will soon give you links to checkout. But meanwhile we do not know enough about you to recommend a song. What voice type? Soprano? Mezzo? What kind of audition? Performance or education? What kind of school? university or conservatory?</p>

<p>Do you have a teacher or choir director that can help you select something? Most often when a school is asking for something German they are looking for German lieder. DD's teacher helped her pick something that suited her voice. Someone who knows you and your voice is in the best position to help select a song.</p>

<p>I'll stick my neck out...I would think most schools would not be looking for Silent Night even in German. What schools are you applying to? Some schools give a suggested list of songs to consider, or types of music. I agree with the above post, a voice teacher, coach or maybe your high school choral teacher can give you some ideas of the types of songs to consider.</p>

<p>thumper1: Your neck is totally safe: I agree that Silent Night is not appropriate in any language for a college admissions vocal audition. </p>

<p>blondiebandgeek: Auditioners should be singing art songs (i.e. classical repertoire).</p>

<p>blondiebandgeek, there are some beautiful Schubert art songs that are both appropriate for your age and your purposes. Schumann and Brahms also have written wonderful pieces. Like everyone else has mentioned, however, please do consult someone who is familiar with your voice to help you select the best song for you. The wrong piece can make or break someone's chances at being admitted. (I have a very talented friend who wasn't too successful in his college auditions because he chose a song that fit his voice poorly. It just didn't show off his strengths and masked his potential and talent.) </p>

<p>Good luck! :)</p>

<p>I can contribute some rep suggestions: an die musik, Die Lotosblume, Der G</p>

<p>Thank you so much :) that really helped!</p>

<p>if you have anymore rep questions let me know!</p>