Vocal Performance college in Texas

<p>Can anyone tell me what are the best vocal performance colleges in Texas?. I am curious if there are any publice unversities in Texas that would be considered a top school. My daugther is in the beginning stages of finding a college wants to major in vocal performance. She loves musical theater also and would love to have an opportunity to study both opera and musical theater. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>There is a dedicated area on CC for MT and related studies. It's way below this forum on the site.</p>

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<p>I think UNT has a well known music program.</p>

<p>UNT, UT Austin, and U of HOUSTON ( Moores School of Music). Now whether she can major in BOTH MT and classical VP is another question. It's usually one or the other. Check out the Music</a> Major - College Confidential</p>

<p>Although it is not a public institution, Rice University has a phenomenal music school, Shepherd School of Music. One of the girls who lived down the hall in my dorm while I was at Rice concentrated in vocal performance, and she said she turned down Stanford for Rice because of Rice's strength in this area, so I'm assuming Rice has a good vocal performance concentration. You'll need to check it out for yourself, though.</p>

<p>My daughter chose Rice for vocal performance over many other top programs and loved it. However, it is a small program and VERY selective. Only a few vocalists are admitted each year and an audition is required. Rice also has very challenging academics, so an applicant must be prepared for that.</p>