Vocal Training at Steinhardt

<p>So I'm registered for a group Vocal Training class at Steinhardt with Professor Robertson, and I was wondering if the class was any good? I recently got off the waitlist and into Acting I at Tisch with Angela Pietropinto, which is putting my credit load at 20. I only want 18 credits, so I need to unregister for one of them. Which ever one I don't take next semester I want to take later on in college.</p>

<p>Which one do you think would be better during my first semester (I'm a thespian at heart though I'm in Stern)?</p>

<p>D would recommend dropping the group voice and consider taking private voice lessons for the additional $105 (private lesson fee.) In group voice you will sing 2 or 3 songs (solo) for the whole semester. Private voice will give you weekly lessons.</p>

<p>Okay, thanks!</p>

<p>Does anyone suggest taking the Vocal Training class first semester and Acting I second? The other way around? Which do you think is a better opportunity?</p>