Voice Minor

<p>I am an international student from Taiwan and is currently studying engineering at the University of Rochester. I am a freshman that is looking forward transfer. My SAT test two years ago was 1940 and TOEFL score was 102 (ibt). And I scored 800 on Math2, Physics, and Chemistry on SAT2. My GPA for last semester is 3.93, and two of the courses that I took are in the honors series. Will my GPA be able to cover up my SAT scores. What are my chances of getting accepted to Stanford? I am thinking about majoring in computer science or computer engineering and minor in voice performance. Does Stanford offer minor degrees in voice? If I got accepted into the engineering school fortunately, will I have access to private voice lessons with faculties (I dont mind paying extra) Thanks!!!</p>

<p>You really should go to the primary source vs. relying on strangers’ guesses</p>

<p><a href=“http://exploredegrees.stanford.edu/search/?P=music&sa=Go”>http://exploredegrees.stanford.edu/search/?P=music&sa=Go</a></p>

<p><a href=“http://exploredegrees.stanford.edu/#text”>http://exploredegrees.stanford.edu/#text</a></p>